Accepted Papers

Ahmet Serdar Karadeniz and Mehmet Önder Efe. Room-Level Indoor Localization with Artificial Neural Networks.

Ahmet Melih Gedikli and Mehmet Önder Efe. A Simple Authentication Method with Multilayer Feedforward Neural Network Using Keystroke Dynamics.

Tevfik Aktay and Mehmet Önder Efe. A Comparative Study of ANN Tuning Methods for Multiclass Daily Activity and Fall Recognition.

Yuzhun Lin, Chuan Zhao, Daoji Li, Junfeng Xu and Baoming Zhang. Exploring Model Transfer Potential for Airborne LiDAR Point Cloud Classification.

Yuzhun Lin, Daoji Li, Chuan Zhao, Junfeng Xu and Baoming Zhang. Haralick Feature Guided Network for the Improvement of Generalization in Landcover Classification.

Ryan Bluteau, Boubakeur Boufama and Pejman Habashi. Determining Location and Detecting Changes Using a Single Training Video.

Catherine Taleb, Laurence Likforman-Sulem and Chafic Mokbel. Improving Deep Learning Parkinson’s Disease Detection Through Training Data Augmentation.

Pejman Habashi and Boubakeur Boufama. Human Action Recognition Using Stereo Trajectories.

Junayed Hasan and Jong-Myon Kim. Deep Convolutional Neural Network with 2D Spectral Energy Maps for Fault Diagnosis of Gearboxes under Variable Speed.

Yoojeong Song and Jongwoo Lee. Making High Quality Input Features for Stock Price Prediction in Deep Learning Model.

Cedrique Rovile Njieutcheu Tassi. Bayesian Convolutional Neural Network: Robustly Quantify Uncertainty for Misclassifications Detection.

Samarjit Karmakar, Asad Ahmed, Anirban Panda, Pratham Tangri and Dhruv Ramani. Encoder Decoder based architecture for Fast and Real Time Audio Style Transfer.

Fatimazahra Jakjoud, Anas Hatim and Abella Bouaaddi. A Comparative Study of Deep Convolutional Neural Network Models Optimization for Plant Disease Detection.

Md. Haidar Sharif. Particle Filter for Trajectories of Movers from Laser Scanned Dataset.

Mahdi Abdolmohammadi, Rahil Mahdian Toroghi and Azam Bastanfard. Video Steganography using 3D Convolutional Neural Networks.

Raaiha Humayun Kabir, Bisma Pervaiz, Tayyeba Muhammad Khan, Faisal Shafait and Adnan Ul-Hasan. DeepRank: Adapting Neural Tensor Networks for Ranking the Search Results.

Faiza Rehman, Adnan Ul-Hasan and Faisal Shafait. An Intelligent Context Aware Recommender System For Real-Estate.

Fatima Saadi, Baghdad Atmani and Fouad Henni. Integration of fuzzy clustering into the Case Base Reasoning for the prediction of response to immunotherapy treatment.

Majid Farzaneh and Rahil Mahdian Toroghi. Music Generation using an Interactive Evolutionary Algorithm.

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